Ryka Revive Shoes

Growing up we tend to not have to notice the importance of a good running shoe. Whether we were at school or running around outside playing baseball, there was no reason to change our shoes. As we age we recognize that our bodies have changed and that when we engage in any high intensity for long periods of time, the right shoe is absolutely essential. The needs of an adult foot also vary among body size, height, frame, and gender making the approach to finding a good running shoe a male and female issue. Ryka Revive shoes are especially well suited for the needs of a woman when it comes to running right.

The wrong shoe can result in a number of different injuries like heel and arch pain, outside knee and shin splints. Most heel and arch pain is diagnosed as plantar fasciitis, the plantar fascia being a broad band that extends across the bottom of the foot from heel to forefoot.

Excessive pronation which can result from bad shoes is what can create chronic injuries like plantar fasciitis. Getting together with a sport medicine professional to asses your foot type, whether you are a supinator or over pronator will guide you toward the best type of shoe fit for your feet.

Ryka Revive shoes are already designed to take into account the various foot issues that tend to target women. The design of the shoe itself is unique among most running shoes targeted at women since it includes elements for the narrower heels and wider forefeet of most women. Within the running shoe industry, Ryka is rated as one of the highest among effectiveness and performance.

The construction of Revive shoes include a combination of leather and mesh allowing your feet to breathe along with a midsole that is molded for compression to result in good shock absorption. If you are a woman in the market for a lightweight well constructed shoe that gives you traction across a variety of surfaces and takes your needs as a woman into account than the Ryka Revive shoe is a good choice for you.