Ryka Optimum Mary Jane Shoes

Everyone likes a Mary-Jane type shoe and no one does them like Ryka. Ryka Optimum Mary Jane Shoes are not you average pair They are high tech high performance shoes the likes of which you have not worn before. You are going to fall in love with these the minute you put them on and take that all important first step.

Ryka is well known for their ability to build a comfortable durable shoe that is specific to the way we live and wear our shoes. This model is no exception. The construction of the Optimum is everything you could want in an all around walking shoe. It provides the flexibility you usually find in a training shoe with the support and stability of a walking shoe.

Lightweight and stylish it has it all. Think how great you are going to look great and how comfortable you will be running about town or the park. Goes great with jeans and casual dresses. Comes in several neutral colors that are sure to go with all your outfits. Once you start wearing these shoes you will want to continue with them for a long time.

They are also great out at the beach. On the boat at the lake, the uses are endless. They look great and dry fast when wet. All this performance packed into such a cute pair of shoes is amazing. They are gonna make you feel just great.

Do not get left behind. Get down to the store today and try these shoes out. They can be found at most major shoe retailers. They start at around sixty dollars. What a bargain. You are going to be very glad you decided to go Ryka Optimum in the Mary-Jane model. They just cannot be beat for price, quality and comfort.