Ryka Moira Shoes

Ryka Moira Shoes are designed to suit all comfort levels and fitness goals with style. These fashionable walking shoes are available in beige, platinum, plum and white to co-ordinate with every wardrobe.

Surpassing the advanced technology requirements for the fitness-shoe industry of today, these walking shoes are bound to deliver results, support and comfort while helping to tone legs and butts by simply walking.

Without going into technical names for the processes and materials used in manufacturing, the following points will highlight how these easy-care shoes ensure fashion and function for the casual to high-performance walker:

1. The upper soles are made from easy-care materials such as synthetic leather and linen to keep your feet cool.

2. The foot-bed, or sock-liner as Ryka calls it, is mold-able for comfort and removable for easy washing or replacing.

3. The mid-sole is lightweight and injected with high-tech material providing support for the heel and lateral support for the feet.

4. The outer-sole is constructed from 4 pieces of rubber, sewn together, to ensure maximum foot-to-ground contact and grip.

5. Designed specifically to help tone the legs and butt while walking, these shoes are easy to wear all day with now worries about residual foot-odor because the materials are protected with Scotch-guard.

6. The flexible, beveled heels are specifically designed to maximize heel to toe transition.

7. The rear foot-bed is cushioned to soften the strike of your heel against any walking surface and the forefoot is extremely flexible to maintain control with every step.

8. The specially designed lower-foot profile makes these shoes feel comparable to walking in bare feet because of better contact with the ground with every step.

Whether these well-cushioned shoes are used for an intense walking workout, a day at work, or a leisurely stroll, they are a stylish way to enhance all comfort levels and fitness goals.