Ryka Maryjane Walking Shoes

In order to obtain the maximum benefits from walking, it is essential to have the right pair of shoes. There is no fun going for a healthy walk if your feet get sore, your toes become constricted, and you feel burning blisters. You won’t suffer with any of these in a pair of Ryka maryjane walking shoes.

These shoes are designed to give you that ‘get up and go’ feeling. Ryka is a company that specializes in the manufacture of athletic footwear for women only. All shoes are made with a woman’s last. This is a mold shaped like a female foot.

While the majority of men have larger feet than women, there are some fundamental differences in the structure of each gender’s feet. A female has a wider forefoot and a narrower heel. Women also need more toe room in their shoes.

With this in mind, Ryka have developed athletic footwear that is fashionable and consistently comfortable. The Mary Jane range is available in half and whole sizes, from 6 through to size 11. The shoes are easy to slip on with a closure that has an adjustable hook and loop. The insole can be removed if preferred.

The Mary Jane is a genuine hybrid that combines the stability of a quality walking shoe with the flexibility and support of a training shoe. This combination provides true versatility. The Optimum Mary Jane 2 is a really great walking shoe. It has a sleek style and is well-cushioned.

Ryka have included all the essential features to make a perfect walking shoe. One of the most important of these is the right amount of flexibility. The feet can move in a smooth, rolling motion which can be compared to walking on soft beach sand. This action makes the muscles in the feet, legs, back and buttocks become toned and strong.

The upper is made of high density foam and synthetic leather. Choose from a range of attractive colors that include black, twilight blue, white, chrome silver, and metallic starlight blue. They are light in weight and feature the trademarked Nitracel technology which includes a removable foot-bed, a fore-foot pad, a cushioning cartridge, and infused foam.

The cushioning cartridge provides a smooth ride and absorbs impact so that the leg and foot joints are not jarred. All Ryka maryjane walking shoes feature air-cooling vents and traction-gripped soles to suit any surface. The uppers include a portion of breathable mesh which reduces odor and sweating.